Chuckles Jelly Fruit Candy,  (2 oz Bars) - 24 Count
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Chuckles Jelly Fruit Candy, (2 oz Bars) - 24 Count

  • Chuckles jelly candy: These irresistible fruit flavored jelly candies are coated with a light layer of sugar & come in five delicious & fruity flavors: Cherry, lemon, lime, orange, & licorice
  • Treat for all occasions: Chuckles are perfect for parties or special events; use them as decorations & party favors; These fantastic fruity sweet, fat free jellies will be gone before you know it
  • Convenient snack box: These classic jellies come in a convenient snack box, making them a perfect treat to share with friends, family & coworkers; They're great for parties, your candy dish & anytime snacking
  • Delightfully delicious: Chuckles jelly candies have delighted generations of children with their irresistible, fruity taste; With a name like chuckles, they're sure to bring a smile to your face
  • Classic candy favorite: Created by fred amend in 1921, this classic American candy quickly grew in popularity & became a staple in vending machines, movie theaters, & candy jars


    Chuckles Jelly Candies come in five delectable, classic flavors: cherry, lemon, orange, lime, and licorice. After they're flavored and hardened, the candies are rolled in a light layer of sugar for a finishing touch of sweetness.

    With their mouth-watering flavors and dusting of sugar, Chuckles Jelly Candies make a perfect addition to any lunch box or office candy bowl. These palate-pleasing candies are lightly tumbled in sugar and have a soft texture that's easy to chew. And thanks to their ridged, bite-sized shape, they make a perfect, pocket-sized snack for when you're on the road. Irresistible jelly candies coated with a thin layer of sugar. Enjoy 5 fun flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Licorice.

    In 1921, Fred Amend first brought Chuckles to kids’ faces. These irresistible jelly candies are coated with a light layer of sugar and come in cherry, lemon, lime, orange and licorice. No wonder they’re so successful. So much has changed since the first Ferrara candy rolled off the line and into stores in 1908. But the same creativity and innovation that fed those early years remains at the heart of our company. In fact, it’s what has made us the number one non chocolate candy manufacturer in the U.S. We’ve got a sweet history — but an even richer opportunity for future growth and success is right at our doorstep. Our mission is to take the brands that have been loved for generations to the next level. In 2012, we brought together brands like Trolli, Brach’s, Black Forest, Now & Later, Chuckles, and Lemonhead. We’re continuously innovating to bring the best tasting, highest quality confections to the marketplace.



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